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FRI 2.8 - SAT 2.9 - Maha & The Lions presents ImagineTwogether at The Depot Event Space - 12:00pm

ImagineTwogether is an immersive arts, massage therapy, sound therapy, food, and music festival hosted by Maha & The Lions at The Depot Event Space.

The line-up will be released by Maha & The Lions on November 1st, at which point the ticket prices will go up.

Doors at 12pm.

The Savants of Soul: Soul/Rock/Indie

The Savants of Soul are a 9-piece retro-soul group from performing original soul music inspired by the sounds of the 1960s, contemporary retro-soul groups and the group's diverse collection of influences ranging from punk to hip-hop to Chicago blues to 1950s cool jazz.

Since the group's inception in Gainesville, FL, in 2011, they've made a name for themselves in the music scene by being an unparalleled live show experience, moving audiences of all ages with danceable, good-time music and an approach to performance as influenced by theater troupes as it is by musical performance.

The band has made its presence felt around the southeast, notably playing Red Gorilla at SXSW in 2017, Suwannee Hulaween in 2016 and Changeville in its hometown in 2018 and 2016. Along the way, The Savants of Soul show has been featured alongside Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires, Benjamin Booker, The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Original Wailers and Thomas Wynn & The Believers.

Sa·vant 1: a person of learning: one with detailed knowledge in some specialized field.
Sa·vants of soul 1: Gainesville's hottest source for soul music.

Justin McKenzie - Vocals
Mandy Moo - Vocals/Trumpet
Will Campbell - Guitar
John Gray Shermyen - Bass 
Zack Emerson - Keyboards
Alex Klausner - Drums
Jacob Armstrong - Trombone
Jordan Jones - Tenor Sax
Ray Vigil - Baritone/Alto Sax

Record label: Swamp Records (non-exclusive)

Captive Eddies: Classic rock/Reggae/Blues/Folk/Funk/Classical bluegrass/Jazz

At age 13, the twin brothers, Leaf and Deva Blanchard, along with their childhood friend Jody Moore, began playing music together. At first, started as a race to see who could learn the fastest, soon became a life long ambition to create and share good music. After absorbing everything they could from the musicians around them, they found Richy Stano, who had just spent 10 years as a staff instructor at GIT (Guitar Institute of Technology). The three boys studied music under Richy for 5 years, simultaneously honing their unique styles and song writing abilities. Eddie Fields, an exceptionally talented blind drummer, joined the boys 12 years ago for a recording session. The chemistry between them was immediately evident and Eddie has been an integral part of the band since that day.

Presently, Captive Eddies pulls from of reservoir of over one hundred original songs and has performed at festivals and venues from Florida to New York to California, as well as many places in between. Their latest album, Simple Dream (released in 2014), features guest artists such as Byron House, Larry Atamumeak, and Brent Truit. Byron House has worked with a long list renowned musicians, including Eric Clapton, Robert Plant, and Alison Krauss. Larry Atamumeak is known for his work with Alison Krauss, Bela Fleck, and Sheryl Crow. Brent Truitt, who produced and played on Simple Dream, is a Multi-Platinum Grammy Award winning musician himself. 

Captive Eddies' music is rooted firmly in conscious lyrics that are not afraid to face the darkness in order to bring light to every aspect of the human heart.

Deva Blanchard – Guitar/Mandolin/Bass/Vocals
Jody Moore – Guitar/Bass/Vocals
Leaf Blanchard – Bass/Guitar/Vocals
Eddie Fields – Drums/Keys
Zac Chester – Keys
Locochino: Funk/Rock/Jam/Psychedelic

Locochino is an energy-packed, crowd-engaging “Progadelic Jamfunk” band from Gainesville, FL. Their show has been described as an adventure, at times guiding you on a trip across the galaxy and at others inciting a celebratory rage that satisfies and inspires. 

Formed in September of 2014 and climbing steeply from the band’s initial goal of “playing at least one show,” energetic fans pushed the band to new heights in 2016 when Locochino performed at Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival, Suwannee Hulaween, Hometeam New Year's Rally, Farm to Family Music Festival, and other multi-day music festivals in the southeastern United States. With new festival bookings continuing to reach more distant regions, Locochino shows no signs of slowing and continues to bring new flavor to each performance. 

“[Locochino] takes you on a psychedelic whirlwind of sound that makes you feel like you’ve unearthed something new.”
— The Alligator
“I had seen Locochino once before, but based on this performance I clearly didn’t hear them, at least not properly. Because they killed it.”
— Scott Hopkins, Editor-in-Chief, Music Fest News

Brian Johnson - Guitar
Ryan Hiers - Bass
Benny Cannon - Drums
Blake Briand - Keys
Morning Fatty: Funk/Rock/Electro/Dub (or simply FRED)

Morning Fatty, an ever-evolving punk/ska turned reggae-funk band, has transformed their sound yet again. The group combines individual musical prowess to create a strong collective chemistry. Based out of Gainesville Florida, Morning Fatty continues to evolve and transform their sound since coming together in 2004. The group’s original dynamic shifted incredibly with the addition of experienced drummer Tim Mulberry. Previous to joining the band, Tim had accomplished a world tour drumming for The Black Eyed Peas. The new sound can only be described as Funk Rock Electro Dub, or simply FRED. By melding electronic bass drops, dueling guitar licks, heavy rock melodies and a fat reggae groove, Morning Fatty discovered a distinctive sound that pays homage to each member’s unique style.

Andrew White - Vocals
John Pop - Bass
Miller Joyner - Guitar
Tim Mulberry – Drum
Flint Blade: Ambient/Beat-driven psychedelic/Folk/Jazz/Dub Reggae Influence

Flint Blade creates live, uplifting soundscapes of voice, beatbox and the Chapman Stick two-handed tapping instrument. Drawing inspiration from dub reggae, jazz and electronica among all kinds of music, Flint's penchant for improvisation manifests in subtle and extremely present performances of original material as well as unique renditions of familiar favorites. On stage, in the studio and through life, spirit guides an exploration of the ethereal nature of sound.

*Solo Chapman Stick player Flint Blade shares music in love through song, rhythm and harmony.*

Flint Blade
Maha & the Lions: Spiritual Folk/Natural Soundscape/Mantra Music/Alternative World Music

The pride of lions hosts a different, unique, engaging, and immersive performance every time they play. The band features musicians that range from crystal singing bowls, handmade wooden flutes, water whistles, Latin-influenced rhythms, rain sticks, birdcalls, and conch-shells to all of the conventional instruments found in the Western world of music. This band features musicians from Gainesville/Brazil/Colombia/Native America and for this performance, it will be an 8-piece band headed by frontman Maha. The pride is oriented to play only for benefitting the community around them. They proudly commit to donating all payments given to them to nonprofits, the community, and causes in need. Maha began playing guitar at the age of 11 when his father passed his guitar down to him. After being self-taught for many years, he came across Richy Stano working as a teacher at Santa Fe College (who has toured internationally with Bo Diddley, Mary Wilson (of The Supremes/Dreamgirls), Curb Record’s recording artist: Amy Dalley, Toby Keith, Rascal Flatts, Trisha Yearwood, Chieli Minucci & Special EFX) and studied under him vigorously for one year. Taking the lessons from Richy, Maha continued to grow and take influence from the musicians of his community. He gathered most of this influence at Gainesville’s beloved memory: The Jam, founded by Blake Briand (key player for Locochino) and practiced everything he knew for those six years with these musicians. Originally started in April 2016 with Christian Caro and Maha, this project has grown far beyond just them. They have raised thousands of dollars in their efforts to be of aid to the Gainesville, Florida community and have sights to raise millions to aid everyone in need that they can reach.
ImagineTwogether is an annual music festival hosted by the members of Maha & the Lions, headed by frontman Maha. 

Last year’s festival was named StrongerTwogether and you can expect a slight name change for each annual festival as it grows, though ‘Twogether’ will always be a part of the name. Why? It is derived from K9CARES Inc.’s motto - #StrongerTwogether

This festival is to highlight the nonprofit: K9CARES Inc. and their efforts to pair rescued animals together with victims of abuse for both of their rehabilitation. Hence, the name Twogether represents the two parties that come together for healing. 

Maha Ferry – Guitar/Vocals
Christian Caro – Drums
Michelangelo Mercy – Guitar/Vocals
Stephanie Voight – Vocals
Melissa Honeybee Baker – Flute/Vocals
Amber Rose Ashodian – Crystal Singing Bowls
Pamelli Marafon – Keys/Vocals
Jasmine Laska – Live Visual Artist
JUNI: World beats/Hip-hop/Rap/Lyricist

Juni is a singer, songwriter, producer, model, actor, dancer, and entrepreneur. He preaches and devotes all of his focus onto God with his music. Coming all the way from New York, this man is not one to miss. Sporting the most authentic African threads and world beats, this man will blow your mind with his lyricism.

Gabriel Trejo – Lyricist/Singer/Producer 
The Healing Rose – Psychedelic/Sound Healing

The Healing Rose is an artist and holistic healer. These two disciplines inform her use of Touch Therapy, Sound Healing, and Energy Work. She fell in love with Crystal Singing Bowls the moment she discovered them in 2007. The sounds and vibrations emanating from Crystal Singing Bowls restore the listener’s body by opening, clearing and balancing each of the seven chakras plus the High Heart. It has been scientifically established that each of these chakras or energy centers are associated with a musical note or vibrational frequency. When added to a restorative yoga class or massage session the results are beautiful, transformational and magical. She is a massage therapy graduate of Florida School of Massage (FSM), a certified double practitioner of Thai Massage, and she has a Reiki certificate. (Non-touch healing) To sum it up, her healing is her art. Prana, her ex-husband, and her were partners from 2011-2018. They got married in 2014. They have had many life changing experiences, especially one where their life changed dramatically after a near death car accident. They invested in 3 crystal singing bowls ever since 2012, and she has been exploring the healing properties through these amazing instruments. They both have healed themselves and others in many ways. Now she is ready to share this gift to all at ImagineTwogether and to all in the world!!! 

Amber Rose Ashodian – Vocals/Singing Bowls/Windchimes/Tuning Forks
Aurora Healing Arts: Psychedelic/Sound Healing

Aurora Healing Arts is Gainesville, Florida's center for finding your center: your safe and sacred space. Allowing you to go deep into the body, mind, heart, and soul, through wisdom traditions, healing modalities and a cross-pollination of practices respected from around the world. The community has grown and now every event is filled with such good natured and open-hearted people. This is a place where there is "no one way" or "right way," to find yourself, but rather a place where all rivers lead to the same ocean and there are many different kinds of opportunities to dive deep within and see what resonates with you. From yoga and meditation, to ecstatic dance and dance therapy, to communication workshops and women's circles, and so much more, there is something for everyone. We laugh, we cry, we scream and shout... We speak, we listen, we dance about... Join us for holistic healing and good-natured, open-hearted fun, in whatever way calls to you. The place feels safe and sacred, the people are authentic, and we are ready and waiting for you. 

Mat Chandler – Gongs
Corwin Klein: Psychedelic/Sound Healing

Corwin Klein is a local Gainesville, Florida artist and musician. He picked up Bass Guitar and Hand Percussion at a young age and upon discovering the steel hand pan in 2012, he was hooked. It took a few years to attain but by the end of 2015, he had his first steel hand pan. Corwin now provides entrancing soundscapes with the hand pans and Tongue Drum for Yoga, Sound Healing, House Concerts and the random wayfaring stranger. Simply put, this is an act you should not miss.

Corwin Klein – Steel Hand Pan/Tongue Drum
Trail Diver: Electronica/Jam/Acid Funk/Mushroom Jazz/Trip Hop

Trail Diver administers a fusion of twisted tribal rhythms, thick electric tones, soulful grooves, and culture-blending melodic leads. Each song unfolds adventurous paths that dive into new and unpredictable trails.

Max Zargon - Keys/Samples
Kyle Simmons - Guitar/Samples
TJ Fortenberry - Vocals/Guitar
Matt Blakely - Drums/Percussion
Aaron Plotz - Drums/Percussion
MadWoman: Indie/Spiritual/Folk/Easy Listening/Progressive

MadWoman is an indie/spiritual fusion featuring a highly talented three piece band who have been producing whimsical songs since they were all children. 

Art Ihnatsenka - Guitar Sammie Daigle - Vocals Chandler McFarland – Bass
Eli Tragash: American Folk/Urban Folk

Eli Tragash was born and raised in Gainesville, Florida and has played the violin throughout his childhood. Eli began singing and playing guitar during his teenage years and became interested in American folk music. For the past 6-7 years, he has been performing a variety of folk music around Alachua County. Currently, he is a member of The Front Porch Backsteppers. Their members include Chuck Davis, Shawn Updegrave, John Peyton and Virginia Carr. They began playing music together on the front porch of Coffee 'n Cream Cafe in beautiful downtown Micanopy, Florida and continue to play there most Saturday and Sunday afternoons.

Eli Tragash – Violin/Guitar/Vocals
The Funky Miracle

The Funky Miracle blesses their listeners by playing mostly instrumental music by the Meters, New Orleans Traditionals, and other famous instrumental music as well as improvisational jams featuring guitar, keys, bass, and drums. Gainesville's Mostly Instrumental NOLA Funk & Meters Tribute Band.

Chris Pearce – Keys Joshua Lederman – Guitar Jake Samuel – Drums Russ Tyndall – Bass
Dillon Rose: International Bass/Underground Disco/Alternative Hip-Hop Influenced DJ

Happily engaged in a never-ending search to deftly deliver the best beat, the elusive Trax-u-lax trailblazer and mashup maestro, Dillon Rose, is not to be missed. A disciple of the acclaimed Dill-du-Jour school of thought, Dillon finds no limits when it comes to providing a fresh batch of tunes to enjoy. Whether you catch him dropping international bass at a local Gainesville nightclub, underground disco at a sailor bar in Brooklyn, or performing humorous, alternative hip-hop at a dingy DIY space somewhere up the east coast, you can always expect an unconventional yet old-school approach to his DJ sets. Turntables at his side, this seasoned record wrangler finds delight in taking audiences to a new level of musical bliss by sharing his vast knowledge of all things rhythmic and groovy.

Dillon Rose – Turntables
Sweet Irene: Jazz/Folk

Sweet Irene has been writing poetry and singing songs since she was a young girl. Being raised with strong musical influence in the household led to her dabbling a little bit with all sorts of instruments, if nothing else just to understand them. She has a jazzy-folk fusion vibe with sweet voice to tug at your heart strings. She currently plays from her list of covers while she prepares her originals for the public eye. She hopes that you enjoy her sound as much as she enjoys producing it!
Sweet Irene is here to serenade you with gentle covers performed primarily on the Baritone Ukulele. Also the newest member of Vowls, catch her on the Sax.

Emily Price – Vocals/Ukelele/Guitar/Saxophone
Wilson Stern: Jam/Funk/Jazz/Fusion

Music is a language of dissonance and resolution. It has been the paramount gift in Wilson’s life to learn and speak it. It is capable of transforming the insurmountable challenges of life into things of beauty. Sculptures in air and time. When Wilson was asked about his dreams, he responded by saying he dreams of helping more people build beautiful lives through appreciating and creating music. Sharing music as a healing tool is his mission. Wilson Stern is a songwriter, music instructor, and performer, formerly of the band Hail! Cassius Neptune. A founding member of both the Snozzberries and Gainesville’s Savants of Soul, Wilson is now performing solo material inspired by American indie folk and Brazilian jazz. He also performs for musical theater productions and spiritual congregations. This festival he will host a SUPERJAM with all the musicians from the fest at 9:00pm-11:00pm on the outside stage on Saturday!

Wilson Stern – Vocals/Instrumentals 
Tamayo: Folk Rock/Jam/Electronic

Tamayo formed in Gainesville, Florida in January 2018. The band would find each other one by one at various open mic and music events. The vision grew and those who had the eyes to see would find themselves in the colorful realm that is Tamayo.

"...Enigmatic and psychedelic, like a folk Pink Floyd"- LVL TO THE ROOM

Michael Tamayo
Hannah Toombs
Trevor Zwaan
Dylan Fink
Ian Hallisey 
Kiba Killz: Psychedlic/Spectrum/Acoustic

Kiba killz is an inter-dimensional being that travels throughout the multi verse to spread knowledge and love to those who need it. Kiba Killz provides music is the documentation of these adventures through the course of the Kiba Killz being’s life. As well as the battles it fights to bring safety to reality. The last known battle documented was The Garage Demo in dimension c2d-12 March 17th 2018 we are now receiving transmissions from dimension 37c-50B earth realm’s latest transmission: Hollywood which will be transmitted November 24th 2018. Kiba killz is a being of love and peace and we are happy to transmit these messages to you. The band was formed in Ocala, Fl 2014 by Nino Castaneda and Dillon Serviss ’The Original’ and two surviving members of Kiba Killz are heavily influenced by psychedelic tendencies. 

Nino Castaneda – Vocals/Guitar/Synth
Dillon Serviss – Drums 
Sangs: Experimental Rock, Noise, Neu Folk

A solo act turned rock band, Sangs delivers a powerful musical experience that challenges and excites.

Yu Olive 
Sita Dial: Eclectic Gypsy – Violin
Lost Vest
Tyler Hale 

Line-up in process.jpg
Earlier Event: December 1
SAT 12.1 - Born Ruffians, Little Junior